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    What Founders Are Saying

    Kadem Education

    Kadem Education reverses the trend of teachers quitting the profession. The company partners with school systems who seek sustainable data-driven school improvement.

    “We needed capital for growth and Investor Intelligence helped us to close our round.”

    David Shafer


    RAMPUP is a New York City based IT firm serving businesses in the NYC Metro and surrounding areas for over a decade now. Our team is passionate about technology, technically skilled, and creative.

    “We wanted to get in front of notable VC firms, these guys did an amazing job at getting us meetings.”

    Gregory Rosen

    Marquis Vodka

    Marquis Vodka is produced in Poland. It is distilled by the famous Polmos Bialystok distillery, Poland, from hand selected rye grain using Europe’s tallest stills.

    “We needed money for fulfillment and had no investors. Once we starting reaching out, we got meetings to pitch investors. We found two investors who were a fit and move forward with closing the round.”

    Jack Guy

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Will my company get funded?
    Investor Intelligence helps startups research, identify and reach investors that are a good fit for funding their startup. Investor Intelligence does not control whether or not a company can raise money. Fundraising is a highly competitive activity whereby many startups are competing for a single check. Some deals get funded quickly – many deals take time to get funded. Think of Investor Intelligence as an additional step toward fundraising success, not your only step.

    Will investors find me?
    In our managed outreach program, experts from our team reach out to investors who’ve asked us for deal flow. That said, while investors can access Investor Intelligence companies, we do not recommend relying solely on Investor Intelligence to “find investors for you”. You need to do your own legwork using our tools to solicit potential investors for a successful raise. View our benchmarks guide.

    How much can I raise?
    Most early stage startups raise between $10,000 on the low end and $10 million on the high end (otherwise, we have a broker-dealer if interested, call or schedule a meeting for more info). Often startups raise money in successive “rounds” so you may opt to raise a smaller amount now and then open up an additional round later as you show progress in your startup. Check out Stages of raising outside capital

    How does Investor Intelligence make money?
    We charge a small flat monthly fee to use our software and host your deal. We do not charge a success fee and we do not explicitly solicit investors on your behalf (otherwise, we have a broker-dealer if interested, call or schedule a meeting for more info). You keep 100% of your proceeds. Check out our Pricing.

    Can I raise outside of the U.S.?
    Yes, we have many users who are outside of the U.S. looking for funding in the states.

    What qualifications do I need?
    You must be a company searching for at least $10,000 as an equity investment. Investors will require that you are incorporated and have a sound business and financial plan for the company.


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    We’ll send off the intro, pitch and help establish the connection so you can spend more time getting commitments from interested investors.

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